Android vs. iPhone

‘iPhone is loosing a great deal of market share to Android.’

Jessica Thornsby

Industry analyst James Governor has posted a blog indicating that Android seems to be growing at an impressive rate.

“(Android is) making incredible running in both phones and embedded devices,” writes James Governor.

Hasan Ceylan has written his own commentary on the graph, pointing out that the figures are for US traffic share, not handset sales and, in his experience, Android encourages users to get on the internet more than other operating systems (OS.) Ceylan also notes that Android is marketed the most aggressively in the US, so this graph would most likely look less impressive, in other parts of the world. But, after taking all this into account, he decides that “iPhone is loosing a great deal of market share to Android.”

To him, Android’s sharp increase in popularity highlights a crucial difference between the mobile and desktop computing markets. Whereas it can take years to change the habits of the desktop computer user, the mobile market is far more fluid, with customers more than willing to switch to a new OS, if they perceive it to have an advantage over the competition.

Ceylan, at least, is in no doubt as to his mobile OS of choice: “being a hardcore Linux and java and eclipse developer, I can hardly wait to have some time to start doing professional stuff on Android,” he writes.

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