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The Internet of Protocols – MQTT, CoAP, OMA-DM and co.

Coman Hamilton
Julien Vermillard / IoT Conference 214

Internet of Things specialist Julien Vermillard takes a look at the most popular M2M use cases and explains why they often require more than one protocol.

M2M/IoT is rapidly growing and since its early days different “standard” protocols have emerged (e.g. OMA-DM, TR-069, MQTT, …) or are emerging (e.g. CoAP or Lightweight M2M).

Understanding which protocol to use for which application can be intimidating, therefore we give an overview of these protocols to help you understand their goals and characteristics.

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In this session from the 2014 Internet of Things Conference in Berlin, Julien Vermillard presents the most common M2M use cases and why they usually require more than just one protocol. We will also see whether CoAP associated with Lightweight M2M allows us to forge “one protocol to rule them all”.

Coman Hamilton
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