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IoT @ JavaOne: Java ME 8.1 developer preview released

Coman Hamilton
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Java ME 8.1 has arrived for devices with ARM-Cortex-M4 architecture.

At last year’s JavaOne, the Java Micro Edition of the Internet of Things was already being heralded as the beginning of a renaissance. What should have given the Java platform for embedded devices a boost, was the standardisation of Java platforms. The revitalisation of the smallest Java platform – which follows the motto “Back to the roots” – seems to have been successful.

Parallel to the opening keynote of JavaOne, the pre-release of Java ME 8.1 for devices with ARM-Cortex-M4 architecture was announced.  In addition to ARM, the electronics manufacturer Freescale was involved in the development process. The developer preview is in coordination with its flagship hardware platform Freescale FRDM – K64F.

New features in this version include a 190 – KB RAM runtime support for Java 8, voice features and a simplified installation. More information is available in the official release notes and blog post from Terrence Barr. The download is available from Oracle.

At the opening keynote, Oracle also announced that they want to support the initiative, whose aim is to develop a common development platform for devices with ARM Cortex processors.

Coman Hamilton
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