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From device to cloud – IoT with Java and Eclipse

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Benjamin Cabé from the Eclipse Foundation shows us how to build a scalable IoT solution with open-source technologies. ©S&S Media

With its Open IoT Stack for Java developers, the Eclipse Foundation is focused on open standards in the Internet of Things. Benjamin Cabé explains how to build end-to-end scalable IoT solutions with Eclipse and other open-source technology.

The IoT market is poised to an exponential growth, but there are still lots of barriers that prevent building a real, open Internet of Things. Over the last years, Eclipse has been growing an ecosystem of open source projects for IoT that are used in real-world solutions, from smart gateways bridging sensors to the cloud, to device management infrastructures or home automation systems.

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Java is a key enabler for IoT, and this session will provide you with concrete examples on how to build end-to-end solutions with the Eclipse IoT Java stack and projects like Paho, Kura, SmartHome, Californium, OM2M, Eclipse SCADA, Concierge…

This video tutorial led by Benjamin Cabé from the Eclipse Foundation shows us the key components for building a scalable IoT solution on top of open-source technology and open standards.

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