IoT: How the power plant and the washing machine get talking

JAXenter Editorial Team
Washing machine image via Shutterstock

Matteo Collina has been dealing with new possibilities for savings and energy efficiency through ‘Smart Grids’. For communication between a washing machine and a power plant to work, some obstacles need to be cleared.

Energy production is almost constant, but our needs are not. The power plant knows what the best time is to do your laundry, but neither you nor your washing machine know. However, we can all save money and reduce our environmental impact if we optimise energy consumption.

Matteo Collina discusses three key issues for the Internet of Things: communication protocols, data formats and privacy.

A ‘Smart Grid’ is only one of the possible application of the Internet of Things, which is in a huge hype cycle that is driven by strong economic interests: how can we be more efficient? Even an 1% saving across all industries can save billions. The answer is all about interconnecting all the things, and controlling them through software that is easy to build and maintain.

But how can we be truly efficient? The answer, which Collina promotes, is the combination and control of all things through easy-to-build and easily-obtainable software. The key questions are: What ‘language’ are they speaking? What ‘words’ are they using?

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