IoT In healthcare — The changing technology in 2017

Harnil Oza

The Internet of Things is about to transform the way we live and work. And if it gives its whole potential, it will essentially change every aspect of our lives. That sort of excitement is evident in the healthcare sector, where the pen and paper have been the first means of recording reliable information for decades. But now, healthcare technology is changing in major ways.

Healthcare applications now allow patients to schedule their meetings without any requirement to call a doctor’s office and wait for a receptionist. A new healthcare information technology lets doctors carry information with them wherever they go.

IoT in healthcare

IoT in healthcare covers various computing and wireless broadcasting information systems and devices that help patients and providers to monitor, track and store patients’ important statistics or medical information. Nowadays multiple hospitals have started to use smart beds that can sense the proximity of a patient and automatically set themselves to the correct side and force to give peculiar support without the requirement for a nurse to interrupt.

Also, IoT devices are featured to allow patients’ health monitoring system remotely managing new wireless technologies and then it gets emergency notifications about the patients’ health problems. The entrance of data from internet-related devices is a good source for healthcare management system to give better care and to reduce healthcare incompetence.

IoT could also help transform patient care at home. Sometimes, patients don’t take their medicine in proper doses or at the right time. Smart medicine containers in the home could automatically pop up information to the cloud and sharp doctors when patients do not take their medicine. Moreover, this type of technology could let doctors know of any possibly dangerous patient behavior.

Nowadays all types and sizes of healthcare organizations are utilizing the IoT healthcare devices and tools in order to change the healthcare industry in a different way. Healthcare devices such as BP monitors, Brainwaves including headsets, Google Glass, etc. helped the healthcare industry reach a new level using IoT.

IoT helps the healthcare sector and forces them to improve performance in order to achieve their technology increase by means of interoperability, gathering accurate real-time data from different sources and reliable decision-making capacity.

Healthcare IoT companies leading the way

Several well-known mobile app development companies are starting the pack when it becomes to the IoT and healthcare. Great View Research published a report with regard to this sector and noted that a some of the key players dominate the business.

These companies are gaining a big part of the pie by improving products for specific medical applications, increasing collaborative research and development, and acquiring new startups.


Harnil Oza

Harnil Oza is the founder and CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company. He is very disciplined, soft spoken and enthusiastic person. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients.

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9series Solutions
4 years ago

Awesome post you had shared here on iOT healthcare changing technology.