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io.js reaches version 3.0.0

Natali Vlatko
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Expected to be the last series under their forked banner, io.js has progressed to version 3.0.0. Breaking changes show up in the form of V8 upgrades, along with preparations around the native side of the platform for the upcoming Node.js merger.

io.js has shipped version 3.0.0, with their updates giving the clearest indication yet that they’re gearing up for a re-merger with mother-platform Node.js. The popular server-side JavaScript platform will hopefully adopt the faster release cycles of its ‘friendly fork’ now that foundation work is underway.

Notable changes for 3.0.0

This latest drop comes a mere three months after io.js hit version 2.0, this time focusing on changes in the V8. The io.js development team have found it necessary to reimplement Buffer on top of V8’s Uint8Array. They have noted in the changelog that every effort was made to minimise the performance impact, however Buffer instantiation is somewhat slower.

On top of the V8 upgrade to 4.4, the smalloc module has been removed as it’s no longer possible to provide the API. A recompile of all native add-ons will be required for the V8 jump, however it’s the API surface area has not changed significantly, so most add-ons will “just work” after a recompile.

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Speaking of breaking changes, the V8 improvements also mean the introduction of new Maybe<> and MaybeLocal<> types to fix systemic use-after-failure bugs where consumers could accidentally use empty handles:

Add-on authors are encouraged to transition to these new maybe-style APIs as soon as possible, as V8 has deprecated the old ones and will eventually remove them.

HTTP status codes now all conform to the IANA standard and a fix has been issued for HTTP agents which were used to return an extra colon at the end of return values for .getName(). A breaking change to the dgram socket.send() method no longer yields an error if a callback is provided.

The full and comprehensive list of changes and bugfixes can be found over on the changelog, or as part of the record of breaking changes between versions.

In case you forgot…

Most people following io.js development are very aware of the whole re-merger and the existence of the Node.js Foundation. The official foundation website has a timeline with regards to its setup, stating that an initial foundation board will be established by August and the transition of Node.js AB to the board and community working group would be arranged.

Once these steps are complete, the Foundation will be looking to hire a Director as well as other contractors and staff. Core documents of the Foundation, including their TSC and By-laws, are also available.

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