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Gustavo gp De Paula

We talked to Gustavo de Paula, contributor to the MTJ project.

JAXenter: Can you describe the Eclipse DSDP MTJ Project in a few words?

Gustavo de Paula: DSDP Mobile Tools for Java is a project that aims at providing an extension to Eclipse IDE to provides a mobile applications development environment. This environment include features such as: import Mobile SDK; Run/Debug Application; Create deployment package. There are also different wizards that make it easier to create the projects and application classes. Currently the main mobile platform that is supported by DSDP MTJ is CLDC/MIDP.

JAXenter: What´s new in the Galileo Version of  DSDP MTJ ?

Gustavo de Paula: DSDP MTJ Project has graduated with the Galieo train. Since that, this is our MTJ 1.0 release. Besides joining the train and fulfilling all train specific requirements, the main objective of this release was to define a MTJ API. This API enables any third party to extend MTJ to support their own platforms and also to support SDK specific features, such as some particular protocol to run the application on the SDK.

There was also a couple of new features implemented and several bug fixes / enhancements from previous releases. For a complete list please check MTJ news & noteworthy (

JAXenter: What is the relation of DSDP MTJ  to the new Eclipse Working Group “Pulsar”?

Gustavo de Paula: A working group is a new concept at the Eclipse foundation. The main objective of a working group is to create a forum where different vendors can raise their requirements / questions that can be addressed by different Eclipse Projects (such as MTJ). Pulsar working group focus on the telecom industries and the current members include companies like Motorola, Nokia and RIM. The initial issues that working group decided to handle was a mechanism to distribute JavaME SDKs to mobile application developers. Since MTJ targets JavaME developers, it ended up being the project that was mostly affected by this SDK distribution requirement. But in the future Pulsar might also have requirements / directions to other Eclipse Projects.

JAXenter: Where do you see DSDP MTJ in one year? How will the project evolve after Galileo?

Gustavo de Paula: currently MTJ targets JavaME platform (mostly only CLDC/MIDP), but in the future, we see MTJ as the established standard tool to all Mobile Java Application platforms.

Gustavo gp De Paula

Gustavo gp De Paula

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is a current contributor to the MTJ project. He has a long background with wireless technology and has being working with Java in mobile devices since the first release of MIDP 1.0 in 2000. He has implemented several projects for carriers, such as Vivo and BellSounth and handset manufactures, such as Motorola. Mr. De Paula holds a MSc. in Computer Science and has presented at conferences like JavaOne, EclipseCon and ESE Currently he is a Senior consultant for Wireless Technology at CESAR - Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems where he works a software architect of for Java development tools.

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