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InterSystems to Launch Globals Database at JAX London

Jessica Thornsby

Get the inside scoop on Globals, the new database product from InterSystems.

JAX London is just a few days away, and InterSystems have chosen to launch their new Globals product at the conference!

Globals is a free database product that offers multi-dimensional array storage and a subset of Caché features. The first version of Globals is “Globals – for Java developers,” but other APIs will be offered in the future. InterSystems will also be running a competition with a cash prize to encourage developers to build applications on Globals, and contribute to its open API. JAX London attendees will be able to get the scoop on this new, free-to-deploy product, by attending Iran Hutchinson’s ‘Globals – The free database from InterSystems’ session. Find out what makes a commercial database software company give away its core database technology for free, see the code, get the product, and find out how you can enter the Globals monthly development competition! InterSystems Software Architect and Java Product Manager, Iran Hutchinson will also be available throughout JAX London, to give demonstrations and answer your Globals-related questions. And, if you’re not attending the main conference, be sure to register for our Community Night, where Iran Hutchinson will once again be speaking about Globals!

More information on the database, can be found at the Globals website.

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