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JavaScript best practices, frameworks and the latest trends: The next International JavaScript Conference will be taking place in London in April 2020. If you register by December 19, you can take advantage of special early bird prices and get Full Stack Day for free with your two-day ticket.

The International JavaScript Conference will take place in London from April 20 to 22, 2020. During the two main conference days, experts will provide specialized knowledge from the JavaScript world in more than 40 sessions and keynote speeches. The topics range from pure JavaScript to Angular, React and Node.js to the latest trends and technologies such as WebAssembly. Tickets can still be purchased at the early bird rate until December 19.

Some highlights of the main conference will be talks on new features like React Hooks, which Nir Kaufman (500 Tech) will be presenting, and Ivy, the new compiler in Angular 9. Martina Kraus (self-employed) and Manfred Steyer ( will be taking a closer look at Ivy. Of course, the JavaScript ecosystem does not only include Angular and React, and this is also reflected in the conference. Have you ever heard of Svelte? Devlin Duldulao (inmeta) will be offering an introduction to Svelte at iJS.

And a truly great project takes all of its users into consideration. Ridhwana Khan (Smile Identity) will talk about application development for users in Africa at iJS London 2020: What specific factors need to be considered to get all users on board?

The third day of the conference will offer the opportunity to deepen and apply your newly acquired knowledge within the framework of all-day Power Workshops.


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In parallel, JavaScript Full Stack Day will take place on the last conference day. A group of seasoned experts will tie everything together over the course of the day and give attendees an overall picture. Angular, React, Vue or Web Components: What is the right choice for my project? How do I integrate JavaScript into my project in the backend with Node.js, how do I deploy to Kubernetes? The speakers will show technologies side by side, point out advantages and special features. Full Stack Day will be rounded off by an Open Space, the topics of which will be determined by the participants.

If you register by Thursday, December 19, you can save up to £515 and get Full Stack Day for free with your two-day ticket. More information about the conference can be found on the International JavaScript Conference website, where you can purchase tickets.

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