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IntelliJ 12.1 adds JavaFX 2, better retina support

Elliot Bentley

Version 12.1 of the popular IDE also includes new features for Scala, Groovy and Play Framework users.

new version of IntelliJ, the IDE developed by JetBrains, introduces support for JavaFX 2, among other smaller improvements.

IntelliJ IDEA 12 last December introduced a new white-on-black “Darkcula” colour scheme and support for the upcoming Java 8, among other major additions.

In contrast, 12.1 mostly consists of smaller tweaks and updates – with the exception of JavaFX 2 support, which features “complete support for FXML markup, custom CSS, code completion, navigation and search, refactorings, packaging tools, and integration with SceneBuilder.”

MacBook Pro owners may be pleased to hear that the Darkula theme has improved support for high-DPI “retina” displays.

Support for other JVM languages has been updated, with Statement code completion and a new SBT-powered compiler for Scala, and support for @AnnotationCollector and @DelegatesTo in Groovy. For build tool Gradle, version 12.1 introduces better synchronisation and support for wrappers and tasks.

The release also adds a few goodies for front-end designers, including support for custom SASS functions, and in the paid version full-featured debuggers for CoffeeScript, TypeScript and Dart.

Another big addition restricted to the paid edition is “advanced support” for Play Framework 2.1, which includes “smart code assistance, templates support, formatter, refactorings and many other features”.

The cut-down “community edition” of IntelliJ is given away for free, with a commercial version offering additional features. Paid IntelliJ 12 users can upgrade to 12.1 for free.

Parent company JetBrains are also working on a new, cross-platform IDE for C++ development. Though announced on April 1 alongside some less believable initiatives, this AppCode spin-off appears to be real, albeit still under construction.

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