JAX 2015 Session

Innovate. Create. Take it to the Masses. A Cloud Platform for the World’s Ideas.

JAXenter Editorial Team

Creating a new application is about taking an idea and turning it into reality. It’s about innovation, not building a computing infrastructure.

In this session, you’ll see the power of IBM Bluemix, a platform where developers can create applications in the cloud without dealing with infrastructure, and at little to no cost. Whether building applications for the Internet of Things, mobile, big data analytics, or extending the cognitive power of IBM’s Watson, Bluemix lets developers focus on what matters — creativity.

barnes_400x400As IBM’s first official “Technology Evangelist,” David Barnes has spent more than two decades traveling the world, introducing people to new technologies like the World Wide Web, Web services and SOA, voice recognition, Web 2.0, big data, and IBM Watson. With a continued focus on next-generation technology innovation, David has managed the IBM Solutions Experience Lab in Austin, Texas, and the IBM Extreme Blue innovation laboratory, also in Austin. Today he is helping shape IBM’s strategic efforts around innovations in cloud computing, big data analytics, and other emerging technologies.
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