Increased Opera Adoption

Increased Opera Downloads in Reponse to ‘Choice Screen’

Jessica Thornsby

Opera Software have reported increased downloads of its Opera 10.50 browser, following the introduction of the Choice Screen in March. The Choice Screen offers twelve different browsers , including Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, and is available via the Windows Update system on Windows PCs.

According to the Opera press release, more than half of the European downloads of Opera 10.50 come directly from this Choice Screen. The highest percentage comes from Poland, where 77% of total Opera 10.50 downloads is cited as being down to the Choice Screen.

“This confirms that when users are given a real choice on how they choose the most important piece of software on their computer, the browser, they will try out alternatives,” said Håkon Wium Lie, CTO of Opera Software.

The rollout of the Choice Screen is planned to continue into May for existing Windows computers, and for five more years on new installations.


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