OpenJDK7 update

IcedTea goes 2.0


Updated for version 7 of the Open Source implementation of the Java Platform

News in via the fuseyism blog that IcedTea 2.0 has just been released. The project works closely with OpenJDK6 and as such has been updated to work with the new functionality in OpenJDK7. As before the latest version facilitates building source code of the JDK using free build tools, while incorporating added functionality.

From the blog:

This release is the first release of IcedTea based on OpenJDK7 since it was released for general availability. It includes all changes from the public OpenJDK7 tree, together with the latest security fixes and a number of IcedTea enhancements.
Please note that CACAO is not supported in this release as it does not yet support the current OpenJDK7. Support is likely to be restored in a future release.

Some of the new funtionality includes:


  • JamVM is self-hosting.
  • jtreg LocalOnlyTest sends SIGQUIT to all processes on exit.
  • Fix OpenJDK enclosingMethodInfo().


  • 7009309 regression: x86 stubRoutines
  • 7009923 regression
  • Zero 7033954 regression: missing mapfile

As well as security and bug fixes.

For a full list of what’s new, and download links, head over to fuseyism.