Agile Certification

ICAgile Consortium Announce Agile Certification Program

Jessica Thornsby

The new, international consortium for Agile (ICAgile) have announced an Agile certification program.

The ICAgile program is divided into three main phases: Fundamentals, Focus Track Phase, and a Certification Phase. The first, aims to educate the attendee with the values, principles and basic practices of Agile, while the second phase will allow the attendee to specialise in an area of their choice, with options including ‘Agile Software Design and Programming’ and ‘Agile Coaching and Facilitation.’ The final phase consists of an advanced assessment.

Certification is a contentious issue, but the website argues that “for some people, in some cultures, and for some organizations certifications are important and have value; that is a fact.” More information, is available at the ICAgile website.