The first of many IBM acquisitions this year?

IBM purchase cloud-based testing platform company Green Hat

Chris Mayer

Deal should give IBM much needed revitalisation in the cloud department

The first big move under the stewardship of IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty will see Anglo-American cloud app tester Green Hat move across to Big Blue.

The undisclosed deal revealed in an press release will see Green Hat become part of the giant’s Rational tools division and services group and will likely become part of IBM’s drive towards a ‘Collaborative Lifecycle Management’ offering.

Founded in 1996 by Peter Cole and with headquarters in Delaware, London and Wilmington, Green Hat offers companies cloud testing platform solutions, so they can test the performance of an application in a virtual environment prior to transferring over to the cloud. An incredibly handy set of tools for any business to save time having to managing a complex infrastructure. 

Industry reports back this claim up as IBM say that software testing make up more than 50 percent of a company’s total testing budget, with testing teams often spending more than 30 percent of their time managing the complexity of the test environment. With Green Hat’s GH Tester tool, both rapidly reduce as the press release claims:

By using Green Hat’s solutions, a virtual test environment can be set up in a matter of minutes versus weeks, and for a fraction of the cost.

IBM and Green Hat will help customers maximise continuous integration of an application, including creating virtual protocols, message formats, services, customisation and engagement with third-party software. 

Kristof Kloeckner, the general manager of IBM Rational spoke about the deal:

“This acquisition extends IBM’s leadership in driving business agility and software quality by changing the way enterprises can manage software development cost, test cycle time and risk,”

Cole, CEO at Green Hat, spoke excitedly about the opportunities available to the company he founded, saying:

We’ve been focused on transforming our customers’ software development processes through innovative testing and quality improvements. We are looking forward to bringing Green Hat’s innovative application virtualisation and continuous integration testing expertise to IBM customers who have a growing business need to better manage their complex testing environments.” 

Green Hat was already an IBM partner beforehand, but moving closer together boosts IBM’s client portfolio no end – with major companies JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, BP, T-Mobile, and British Airways all using Green Hat Products.

After IBM’s very vocal pledge to spend $20 billion on software acquisitions until 2015, this could be the first deal in a very proactive IBM in the cloud market. But will there be a megabucks deal in the offing soon?

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