Big Blue flexes Big Data muscles

IBM goes on Big Data offensive – buys Vivisimo, expands ecosystem

Chris Mayer

The competition is getting fierce amongst vendors wanting a piece of Big Data analytics. IBM decides to pursue Vivisimo and also broaden its horizons

The Big Data Wars have been in full force since the turn of the year. Vendors have been teaming up with Big Data specialists such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and the like, to offer Hadoop-ready stacks to combat the latest craze.

In turn, many have realised the power of holding analytics cards and flaunting them. Companies like Jaspersoft have been focusing on Big Data analytics and there’s certainly a clamouring from the enterprise world for tools that can quickly harness incoming data and turn it into comprehensive, legible analytics in record turnaround time.

Today, IBM announced the acquisition of Vivisimo, a Pittsburgh company devoted to the field of Big Data and analytics, with a view to bolstering their Big Data credentials especially when it comes to automated data flow of enterprise analytics. Vivisimo’s software has potential to slot right into IBM’s offering, as the architecture below shows:

As you can see, Vivisimo’s software scans unstructured data, automates discovery and puts it in an easy-to-navigate format, which arguably is its most appealing point. Vivisimo currently has 120 employees and clients such as Cisco and the US Air Force under its belt, but with IBM swooping to capture this promising company, it could quite easily acquire many more admirers to add to the impressive 140+ portfolio. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Big Blue’s other announcement could prove more pivotal in the long run however, after announcing their intentions to expand their Big Data partnership ecosystem. IBM has been a big contributor towards Apache Hadoop and its own platform is based on that technology. But seeking to progress things further, IBM have decided to expand by running their platform on other distributions of Hadoop, starting with top dog Cloudera.

Cloudera has been at the heart of the Hadoop development community from the start, providing Hadoop-based systems to clients across a broad range of industries including financial services, government, telecommunications, media, retail, energy and healthcare. Now, Cloudera Hadoop clients can now take advantage of IBM’s Big Data platform to perform complex analytics and build a new generation of software applications.

It’s a general no-brainer that by putting faith in Cloudera, clients will be given the best Big Data expertise whilst still getting support from IBM. This olive branch being offered to arguably the market leader for Big Data solutions certainly solidifies their position as a Big Data hub, with such a strong portfolio. Your move, other vendors.

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