Elyra AI Toolkit offers Git integration & more

IBM open sources toolkit for AI development with Jupyter Notebook

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The initial release of Elyra AI Toolkit has been announced. This toolkit developed by IBM consists of different extensions for Jupyter Notebooks. They are designed to extend its capabilities for developing artifical intelligence models, so let’s take a closer look.

Elyra AI Toolkit was announced in an IBM Developer blog post. This open source release adds several options to Jupyter Notebooks, which IBM refers to as “the open standard for data science and artificial intelligence (AI) model development.”

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Elyra AI Toolkit

The initial release of the toolkit comes with several features, including a visual editor for Notebook-based AI pipelines. It should make it easier to convert multiple notebooks into batch jobs or workflows and thereby increase developer productivity. The Canvas user interface was originally developed for IBM Watson Studio, and now the Elyra Canvas component enables the visual editor in the open source Elyra AI Toolkit. IBM demonstrates the Elyra Canvas in a gif.

Notebook versioning based on Git integration is on board as well. It supports rolling back to previous versions and sharing code to enable collaborative work. Further options of Elyra AI Toolkit include hybrid runtime support and Python script execution within the editor.

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More details are available in the blog post and in the GitHub repository.

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