Lotus Symphony Code for OpenOffice?

IBM Donate Lotus Symphony Source Code to Apache

Jessica Thornsby

IBM have announced they will donate OpenOffice-based Lotus Symphony code to Apache.

IBM have announced they will donate the IBM Lotus Symphony source code – consisting of 3 million lines of code – to Apache. IBM Lotus Symphony is an office productivity suite, based on OpenOffice. The source code could now be folded into the OpenOffice project and, according to the announcement at the office productivity software’s website, IBM donated the Lotus Symphony source code with the intention of providing the OpenOffice project with new capabilities, to further accelerate the development of the OpenOffice platform. The source code will reportedly include functionality for ensuring data is easier to view, read and manipulate from “any type of editing tool,” and for those with vision impairments.

Oracle proposed contributing the code to the Apache Software Foundation’s Incubator last month. Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice President at IBM Collaboration Solutions, was enthusiastic about the move:

“IBM welcomes Oracle’s contribution of OpenOffice software to the Apache Software Foundation. We look forward to engaging with other community members to advance the technology beginning with our strong support of the incubation process for OpenOffice at Apache.”

IBM will continue to work on Lotus Symphony, both internally and in collaboration with the OpenOffice community. According to the announcement, IBM are also in the process of expanding the Lotus Symphony team.

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