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iBATIS Moves out of Apache

Jessica Thornsby

“A lot changes in six years,” says original creator of iBATIS Clinton Begin.

The iBATIS project have announced that they are moving out of Apache.

The iBATIS Data Mapper framework couples objects with stored procedures or SQL statements using a XML descriptor. The ASF has been the home of iBATIS since 2002.

“A lot changes in six years. By 2010 we’ve seen a great deal of innovation and change in the areas of development methodology, source control, social networking and open-source infrastructure. As part of the ASF, iBATIS has had only limited ability to benefit from some of these new developments,” reads the announcement.

Both the Java and .NET project teams have forked the software to Google Code, where iBATIS will continue to be developed under the new monikers of MyBatis and MyBatis.NET. The license will not be changed, and MyBatis and MyBatis.NET code will be compatible with the iBATIS code. It is expected that iBATIS will move into the Apache Attic.

At the announcement, the team reveal that they believe this move will result in more frequent releases, a single sign on for users, and greater community involvement.

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