Interview with Clinton Begin

iBATIS has had only limited ability to benefit from some of these new developments.

Jessica Thornsby

JAXenter speaks with iBATIS creator Clinton Begin, on the project’s recent split with the ASF.

After it was announced that iBATIS was moving out of the Apache Foundation, JAXenter spoke with the project creator Clinton Begin, to find out the motivation behind the move….

JAXenter: You’ve recently announced that project iBATIS is moving out of the Apache Software Foundation. What’s the motivation behind the move?

Clinton Begin: A lot changes in six years. By 2010 we’ve seen a great deal of innovation and change in the areas of development methodology, source control, social networking and open-source infrastructure. As part of the ASF, iBATIS has had only limited ability to benefit from some of these new developments — some of which are not all that new anymore.

We wanted more freedom of process, infrastructure with a goal of making sure that process was light and effective, and that the infrastructure was stable, easy to maintain and consistent.

JAXenter: How will the move effect the development of iBATIS? Has the roadmap changed, at all?

Clinton Begin: No, not at all. But hopefully this does mean that the roadmap can be realized faster and with more frequent releases.

JAXenter: How has this announcement been received by the iBATIS community?

Clinton Begin: The reaction has been very positive on our mailing lists. You can check out the archives for the various messages of luck, well wishes and congratulations.

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