New release imminent

Huge Ice Cream Sandwich lands on Google’s lawn


The latest in the dessert series makes an official appearance over at Google HQ

Fans of the green tin can with arms can look forward to an imminent release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Those folk at Mountain View – at least in the Android team – like to celebrate each new release with a staturette that represents the release’s sugary name.

A massive Ice Cream Sandwich arriving at your office is a sight that most workers would appreciate, but if you’re not lucky enough to work for Google, then there is a video from the Android YouTube channel showing its arrival, and how the statue is erected. Typically the arrival of the sculptures shortly preceeds a new Android release, so fingers crossed, we may get our sticky fingers around the latest version on 19th October at the postponed Nexus Prime event.

Since yesterday, the Android team has also set up its own Twitter account, where the team somewhat un-mysteriously announced “Something delicious is coming.” If you’re not following already, just head over to This is not a fake, since Google has itself officially confirmed the account via Twitter, which makes you wonder how no-one had got hold of it before?

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