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Hudson 3.0 reaches important third milestone

Chris Mayer

It’s been a arduous but well worthwhile task as Eclipse Hudson takes shape in M3

The continuous integration server Hudson has taken a big leap towards being rebooted under Eclipse, with the team announcing the arrival of Hudson 3.0 M3.

As noted previously, Hudson’s road to recovery has been a long one since the forking of the server led to the creation of Jenkins – which has now become the leader in the CI race. Much dredging was needed from the original codebase to make it compliable with the Eclipse Foundation guidelines but it looks like the developer team giving this ailing project a much-needed jolt have made a lot of progess in this milestone release.

Duncan Mills details just how much work was needed to clear the morass left behind:

M3 is a biggy as we’ve finally managed to unravel most of the IP spaghetti surrounding the original Hudson code base and come up with something that an organization can be confident in using with the knowledge that we know where every bit of code came from and under what terms it was contributed. This may seem boring and legal but the truth is that you can’t just trust the licence on the box front so to speak, libraries depend on libraries which depend on libraries. The original Hudson code base was such a melange of licenses including LGPL, Apache, specialist, none at all… (the list goes on). Now we’re down to a list of somewhat over 70 libraries used by core, all of which have been approved, or are in the process of approval, via the detailed Eclipse IP processes.

The Great IP-Cleanup, as coined by Mills, had led to some core parts of the old Hudson being stripped down and replaced with new functionalities such as replacing the LGPL JFreeCharts with Eclipse’s own BIRT charting engine. Elsewhere, Groovy Support and SVN Support are now available as plugins, taken out of the original codebase.

Upon booting up Hudson, you’ll be greeted by a new startup screen (see below) ensuring that the Hudson instance can get access to all of the required-but-non-Eclipse plugins that it needs. So, slightly more convoluted than before, but seeing the old spirit present is good enough for us.

For the path ahead, an M4 release is expected in three weeks, followed swiftly by a release candidate as Hudson comes ever closer to completing its Eclipse transition. Hopefully, Hudson 3.0 will be here in August. 

It’s familiar ground – download the M3 WAR file here. We’re glad to see the return of the original butler.

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