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How To Deal with a Challenging New Development Environment

Jessica Thornsby

How can a development team overcome the hurdle of new tools and software? Thorsten Franz has posted a few ideas on this matter.

He advises coaching a development team to be aware of the resources out there, to know how to search them effectively, and to post questions when they’re in need of advice. The team should also be aware of additional software resources, such as support packages. There should be a procedure, whereby if a developer cannot overcome a particular bug, they can solicit help from a more experienced programmer. “Don’t let your project staff chase the same bug for days in a row,” he warns.

Franz’s final piece of advice, is that when dealing with new software and tools, teams should hire a project coach who has experience with said release. He estimates that your average programmer, when faced with a new, challenging environment, should have access to an experienced project coach ideally once a week, or at least once a fortnight.

“It costs money because it saves money,” he concludes.


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