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How much do you know about cloud storage?

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It’s now a normal business practice to use cloud-based storage for projects. Regardless of the obvious benefits and risks, there’s also a lot of misinformation in the media about online data storage.

Technology experts predict that nearly 90 percent of businesses will invest in some form of cloud technology this year. In fact, most of us already experience the benefits of using cloud technology at work and home: from reduced costs of storage and ease of transferring data to better collaboration between teams. It’s now a normal business practice to use cloud-based storage for projects.

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Cloud storage: The downsides

The cloud’s growing popularity comes despite online security threats continuing to dominate the news. In fact, around 4,000 websites are attacked each day. And as more businesses choose to move to the cloud, threats to data privacy will rise too. Organizations are increasingly having to weigh up the benefits of today’s cloud-based opportunities against the well-publicized risks and costs.

There’s no doubt that cloud security faces many challenges, including a lack of user trust, general misinformation, and misuse. But there’s no escaping the data breaches, data loss, hijacked accounts and insider threats that can make cloud security unreliable.

Be clear

Regardless of the obvious risks, there’s also a lot of misinformation in the media about online data storage. That’s why, as the cloud grows, it’s important to properly understand the security implications and what users can do to protect themselves. Here are just a few things you should know about cloud security.

  • Big companies are becoming more aware of the risks, resulting in an increase in cybersecurity and data protection processes.
  • Users are usually the ones to blame for their own security issues. Many people fall victim to phishing scams and use weak passwords. Almost 60 percent of security incidents in 2015 was the result of negligence by cloud users.
  • While threats are a reality, it’s not necessarily as bad as you think. Around 80 percent of cloud breaches from the present moment until 2020 will result from mismanaged credentials by users and insider theft.

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While cloud storage continues to become more and more popular, the debate about cloud security will rage on. But by understanding the specifics of cloud-based storage, you can play your role in protecting your most important files and data.

Being safe on the internet starts with you, the user, and cloud technology relies on your own personal efforts to protect your online security.



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