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Find your code faster than ever with Hound, the Go + React-based code search engine

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Looking for a well-behaved code search engine? Introducing Hound, a React and Go-based code search tool. This good boy comes from the developers behind Etsy and promises an extremely fast response to any search or squirrel.

We’re always on the lookout for any good boys or girls. This week, we’re shining a light on one very special search engine, Hound. Created by the Etsy development team, Hound points you in the right direction every single time. What a good helper!

There are already a lot of other code search tools out there. What makes Hound stand out in such a crowded field? Well, Hound is fast, easily configurable, and requires a minimal amount of software to run. Basically, all it needs is Go 1.4+. That’s it.

The core for hound is based on code from Russ Cox, specifically, the Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index. However, Hound is actually a static React frontend that talks to a Go backend. The Go backend maintains an up-to-date index for each repo, and answer searches through a minimal API.

Here’s how it looks in action.

By default, Hound polls the URL in the config for updates every 30 seconds. This value can be overridden on a per repo basis in the config.

Additionally, Hound includes a web UI that is composed of several files (like html, css, javascript, and more).  These resources are bundled automatically inside the houndd binary to make sure that everything works with the standard Go toolset without any problems.

Right now, the following editors have plugins to support Hound:

Also, if you plan on editing and building on Hound, it’s suggested that you have make and Node.js. Hound includes a Makefile to make things easier for building locally. However, this relies on the source being added to a proper Go workspace, so that all the Go tools work as needed.

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Fetching Hound

Want a cute, wriggly Hound in your life? Adopt one from GitHub today! Currently, Hound has only been tested on MacOS and CentOS. However, Windows users shouldn’t despair because some users have compiled and run Hound on their systems without any problems.

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