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HOT or NOT: Top 5 cloud stories so far

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We’re here with another list, only this time it’s *all* about the hottest cloud news we had so far in 2018! Why, you ask? First of all, because we are definitely having lots of fun making these lists! And second, we have so many things that went down during the first half of 2018 in the cloud ecosystem, so how can we keep up without a quick recap? What’s more, we have a very special JAX London goodie bag for you at the end of this article!

Are you feeling particularly light-headed lately? We don’t blame you! It’s the whole cloud and serverless hype that’s going on lately!

But fear not! We are here to feed your hype with a quick hot or not list about the top 5 cloud news we had so far in 2018!

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff!


Jakarta EE: the new home for enterprise Java

Jakarta EE is the new name for the overall platform comprised initially of the Java EE technologies that are being contributed to the Eclipse Foundation. Earlier this year, Ian Robinson wrote an article explaining why Java EE has moved to the Eclipse Foundation and what the future holds. Check it out here.

Google Cloud Services Platform release

During Google Cloud Next ‘18  Google made sure not to disappoint us! Numerous announcements were made during the first day of the event but one was sure to get our undivided attention!

Google aims to build on the nearly endless scaling capabilities of cloud by launching the Cloud Services Platform, “a set of foundational services and technologies that deliver advanced operational and management capabilities to your IT environment, in the cloud and on-premises”. Take a look at our review here.

Go Cloud is here

Go 1.11 was released last month but the tech giant behind this popular language is giving us more reasons to love it. Meet Go Cloud, a set of open generic cloud APIs which aims to help developers write “simpler and more portable cloud applications,” as Google’s Eno Compton and Cassandra Salisbury wrote in a blog post.

Their Write once, run on any cloud slogan says it all: if you’re an application developer, you’ll be able to use Go Cloud to “seamlessly deploy cloud applications on any combination of cloud providers.” You can check out more details in our review here.


Security tools are still not fit for cloud

There’s a tool for every job, right? Maybe in your toolbelt, but as for the cloud security professionals aren’t so certain. The results of the Sumo Logic 2018 Global Security Trends in the Cloud unveiled some interesting numbers.

90% of security professionals that responded felt that tools for the cloud are not adequate. 43% reported that security threats take longer to respond to because tools are not integrated. Take a closer look at the report overview here.

Developing in the cloud in the age of GDPR

The GDPR fever we experienced earlier this year may be gone, but the actual regulation is here to stay.

GDPR is all about the data, and specifically the personal data of people residing in the EU. How’s the future of cloud applications being shaped after its enforcement last May 28th?

You can check out some recommendations by Brian Johnson on how to deal with the new circumstances here.

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