HornetQ 2.0 Breaks Industry-Standard Benchmark


Last month, JAXenter reported that HornetQ had released version 2.0 of their Message Orientated Middleware (MoM). Now, that same version has broken the benchmark record for enterprise message-oriented middleware server performance.

Researchers at the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) have been evaluating the performance of enterprise message-oriented middleware servers based on JMS (Java Message Service) against their SPECjms2007 industry-standard benchmark.

The peer-reviewed SPECjms2007 provides a standard workload and performance metrics for product comparisons, and a framework for in-depth performance analysis of enterprise messaging platforms. SPECjms2007 measures the end-to-end performance of all components that make up the application environment.

Using the new HornetQ 2.0.0.GA, six results were submitted to the SPEC and accepted for publication. These results have broken the record for all SPECjms2007 benchmarks – by 307%.

The full results can be viewed at the Databases and Distributed Systems Group website.


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