Hibernate Decides Against Forking CGLIB

Hibernate to Deprecate CGLIB as Bytecode Provider

Jessica Thornsby

The Hibernate team have revealed that they will no longer maintain the CGLIB/Hibernate integration.

In addition to the list of bugs fixed in recently-released Hibernate 3.5.5, the 3.5.5 release notes revealed that the Hibernate team have decided to deprecate CGLIB as a bytecode provider.

Steve Ebersole has blogged about why the Hibernate team have taken this decision. “The simple fact of the matter is that development on CGLIB has largely stopped,” he writes, before adding pragmatically: “it happens.” In his opinion, this has been a long time coming. He alludes to CGLIB 2.2, which took over a year to arrive, and the fact that the Hibernate team have previously submitted patches to rectify problems with the signed jars and CGLIB’s handling of bytecode enhancement for annotated entities. The CGLIB developers have not responded to any of these patches.

According to the post, the team decided against forking CGLIB, as this is not their area of expertise, and they already have integration with the Javassist bytecode library.

Hibernate users will still be able to use CGLIB as the bytecode provider for Hibernate, however, the Hibernate team will no longer maintain the CGLIB/Hibernate integration.

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