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Hibernate ORM 4.1 Final out

Chris Mayer

The latest update to the popular JBoss ORM framework arrives with a few bonus features

Admittedly, we’re a few weeks late to this release but it’s important to note that the JBoss object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for Java, Hibernate ORM 4.1 has surfaced, as the team promised it would back in December.

Aside from the obligatory bug fixes and performance upgrades, there’s three new features to salivate over. These include a new API for loading by natural identifiers, the addition of a TenantIdentifierResolver for use with multitenancy use cases and the ability to provide dirty custom handling.

Most of the rejigging this time round comes in the form of a brand spanking new look JPA/HEM documentation, under the guises of Hibernate Reference Documentation and Hibernate Developer Guide. Mostly annotation/mapping information appears in the former, while everything else is in the latter. 

Check out the full release notes for all the details of what is new within Hibernate 4.1. Another important piece of information that the team want to clear up is the name. The project formerly known as ‘Hibernate Core’ is no more, now opting for the much better and easier to understand Hibernate ORM. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Steve Ebersole clears up the matter:

A brief history is that initially there was just Hibernate, but as the team started working on related projects (Hibernate Search, etc.) we agreed to refer to what had been just Hibernate as Hibernate Core. We recently decided that the core portion of the name was just a bad choice, as it does not give any clue as to the intent. Hence Hibernate ORM.

That’s that cleared up then. Hibernate is certainly motoring on with development and we await a next substantial release.

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