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Heron 1.0 Alpha 3 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Heron 1.0 Alpha 3 is now available.

Heron is a general purpose programming language, which features first class modules, signature-based polymorphism, and optional type signatures.

This release introduces full read and write access to the code model at compile-time. In previous versions of Heron, you could only examine the code model of a Heron program at compile-time. Heron 1.0 Alpha 3 comes with an ‘HeronEdit’ IDE for editing and running Heron programs. The IDE features syntax colouring and multi-level undo. More information on all the new features, is available at the release announcement. It is available to download from Google Code.

Currently being considered for the forthcoming Heron 1.0 release, are program piping and annotations.

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