Monty Program Loses Developer

Henrik Ingo Leaves ‘Vendor-Fork’ MariaDB Project

Jessica Thornsby

Henrik Ingo accuses Monty Program AB of ‘it’s us and them’ attitude towards external contributors.

Henrik Ingo has announced that he is leaving Monty Program AB, after growing disillusioned with the organisation. He had numerous issues with “those in charge at Monty Program,” including their decision to retain ownership of the MariaDB trademark, logo and domain “since this will make the company more valuable to investors and eventually to potential buyers.” Furthermore, he objected to the MariaDB 5.2 release being announced on the Monty Program blog, but not He sees this as creating a division between the company and outside contributors. In a further insult to the contributors, the page no longer mentions various companies as MariaDB contributors, presenting it as a Monty Program project.

It is not the fact that MariaDB now appears to be more of a “vendor-fork” that bothers Ingo, indeed, he sees many positive aspects of MariaDB: the work is available under the GPL, it is “more open than MySQL was,” and there are public build, QA system and mailing lists in place. However, he is concerned that he has been promoting MariaDB as something it’s not: “for myself the most troubling part was that we said, and I personally said, some things to promote MariaDB, to get allies and friends, and now it turns out they will not be true…….So what can I say, other than that when I spoke about MariaDB as a community project unifying all vendors, there existed a plan with executive approval, and I fully believe that plan would be executed.”

He still holds out hope that the MySQL ecosystem will grow into a Linux-style large, multi-vendor project, but believes that MariaDB isn’t that project: “if MariaDB wants to be just another vendor of a MySQL fork… I might as well look around for new challenges.” He has no clear idea of what his next challenge will be, although he expresses a continued interest in the open source database landscape, hinting that he’s “already talking to a few companies both in the MySQL sphere and elsewhere.”

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