Help Send an Android Into Space!

Jessica Thornsby

An ambitious new project is proposed to send an Android smartphone into space. Funded needed for “inevitable catastrophes.”

Android fans can now be part of an initiative to send their smartphone of choice into outerspace!

The plan is a simple one: attach an Android smartphone to a weather balloon filled with helium, and set it loose with an app running that will record the Android’s flight. The balloon will then burst when the smartphone reaches maximum altitude, and the phone will parachute safely back to Earth.

“The end goal of this project is to have a stable Android Application that has been proven to aid in the getting a smartphone high into the atmosphere, taking pictures and video along the way, and subsequently retrieved. Once that end goal is met I will distribute the application and allow others to explore as I have,” reads the project proposal.

If you want to be part of this project, you can make a donation and pay towards the cost of weather balloons, helium, recovery parachutes and “inevitable catastrophes, specifically lost and broken phones.” A pledge of $5 will earn you a mention in the online credits and in the resulting Astdroid application credits, while $10 pledges will not only earn your name a place in the credits, but also a printed 4×6 photo taken from an Astdroid flight.

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