Michael Nygard interview

Is this a hard time to begin a career as a developer?

Coman Hamilton
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Michael Nygard tells us how IT has changed since the 90s and where we’re still feeling growing pains.

Being a developer means being in pain. Overtime, wasted IT budgets, delays caused by risk management and a recent rethinking of IT that has both improved and complicated our daily lives.

To make things even more interesting, our audiences are more technically adept than ever. But does programming for second-generation digital native users make things harder – or perhaps simpler?

Young programmers have never before been confronted with such a wide array of technologies they should learn. Does all this mean this a hard time to become a developer?

In his keynote speech at the W-JAX 2014, leading IT thinker Michael Nygard talked us through these very painpoints of IT, and why we need to think more about how we fail. During the W-JAX, we asked Michael about the changes IT has seen since the 90s and what they mean for developers today.

Coman Hamilton
Coman was Editor of at S&S Media Group. He has a master's degree in cultural studies and has written and edited content for numerous news, tech and culture websites and magazines, as well as several ad agencies.

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