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Companies are looking for React, machine learning, and Go

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Want a job? Well, it’s time to dust off your React skills. According to Hacker News, this JavaScript library is once again the top skill featured in hiring notices for another month. What else are they looking for?

Sending off resumes can often feel like shouting into a void. It’s always hard to see what strikes an employer’s fancy. But thanks to the good people at Hacker News, it’s even easier to see what they’re looking for these days with their monthly tracking of the hiring trends.

As a matter of course, Hacker News keeps an eye on all the terms used in “whoishiring” posts. It’s an elegant way to keep track of what employers are really looking for in a candidate. So, what skills do you need to highlight to make sure someone takes a look at your CV?

We’re looking for a few good coders

Once again, React has topped the list. Apparently, employers can’t get enough of this JavaScript library. In fact, this week was its highest percentage of the pie at a whopping 26%. That’s an awful lot of demand for React.

Python continues to hang tight to second place. The continued demand for Python may have something to do with the ongoing machine learning trend. JavaScript is still highly represented in want ads as well.

The next big cluster is AWS, “full stack”, and Golang. It turns out, companies really, really want Go developers. In fact, it jumped clear past both Java and Ruby. It might be a good idea to work on your Go skills if you’re looking for a job.  Docker and Kubernetes all made the top twenty as well.

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Other key terms to put into your CV? “DevOps”, “Machine Learning”, and “Data Science”.   Additionally, being able to talk about Ethereum or the blockchain might be useful; though neither of these tools rank within the top twenty, they are still rising search terms for hiring committees.

On the other hand, tools like Mesos, CoffeeScript, OpenStack, and Bootstrap are becoming less needed. (Perhaps these positions are already filled?)

These trends do track with some of our findings from the JAXenter 2018 Tech Trends poll. We found that JavaScript was one of our top languages. However, our fave Java doesn’t even make Hacker News’ top ten. Neither does Kotlin or Scala.

So, the large disconnect between what developers and employers really, really want will continue for some time.  But in the meantime, you should probably update your resume.

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