Gyrex graduates

Gyrex 1.0 leaves Eclipse incubation, now production ready

Chris Mayer

Gyrex emerges after years of incubation with 1.0 version, incorporating the SPDY protocol

It’s always a good feeling when your project reaches that fabled 1.0 milestone, emerging from the incubation phase and letting it be know that said project is indeed ready for production in the enterprise world.

For the developers behind Java open source application and clustering framework Gyrextheir 1.0 version release is a big step as it denotes their presence amongst the big leagues, by becoming a fully recognised Eclipse project.

New features in Gyrex 1.0 include several updates to key components with ZooKeeper 3.4 and Jetty 8.1 now appearing. Improvements have been made to the Equinox OSGi framework, and you can expect quality here given that the two German companies behind the project (AGETO and igniti) are experts in OSGi Equinox cluster management.

Additionally, the framework now also supports the SPDY protocol, which has been receiving a lot of attention recently for rethinking how to transport content across the web.

It’s important to note that Gyrex 1.0 won’t be appearing in a release train just yet, with the focus solely being on generating a strong Eclipse community surrounding the project – a wise move. Keep an eye on this Eclipse application server platform – some interesting concepts being utilsed right from the off here. Congratulations on the graduation!

Gyrex 1.0 is licensed under the Eclipse Public Licence and can be downloaded from the Eclipse web site. Check out the release review slides on the project’s bug tracking system for further information about Gyrex itself.

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