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GUI testing tool Squish welcomes in Eclipse Juno

Chris Mayer

German company Froglogic have leapt to join in on Eclipse Juno, making their automated testing tool Squish support the latest Eclipse release

Hamburg company, Froglogic have been swift to make their GUI testing tool Juno-compatible, announcing support for automated testing of Java (RCP) applications that are based on the latest Eclipse release.

Claiming to be the leading ‘functional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool, Squish is ideal for running automated GUI tests for Java SWT/RCP and AWT/Swing applications. The move to support Eclipse 3.8 and 4.2 RCP applications is a logical one, with advances in RCP technology seemingly occuring daily now. Making sure that the large amount Eclipse developers are able to get Squish working the best for them should be of paramount importance.

One of Squish’s main advantages over competitors is its ubiquity, with it and its test being able to work on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X. That’s without touching the numerous mobile and embedded platforms that you can test applications on: these include Nokia’s Qt, HTML and AJAX, Java SWT, Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa, .NET and iOS CocoaTouch. With the converging nature of software development at the moment, having this plethora of platforms. 

Its flexibility should be noted too – offering several scripting languages such as Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, as well as Java of course. The Squish Automtion Suite is essentially split into three entities: the core Squish for GUI testing, Squish Central for test automation management and Squish Coco for code coverage. Across the board, expect ample opportunity to integrate several tools into the mix, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE and several add-ons.

Froglogic CTO, Harri Porten spoke of the release:

Our customer base who is automating GUI tests for Eclipse based applications with Squish continues to grow significantly. We expect many of them to update their applications to the new Eclipse version soon. Therefor it is very important for us to keep Squish’s RCP/SWT testing support up-to-date with new releases of Eclipse – while also keeping support for older versions current.

With some substantial users already onboard, such as Google, Airbus, Boeing and Vodafone, Froglogic’s Squish appears to be the enterprise market leader for automated testing for being so comprehensive, and doesn’t look like it’ll be giving up that accolade any time soon.

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