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Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.1 RC1 and Spock 0.5 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, second release for MyFaces CODI.

Second Outing for CODI

The second release of Apache MyFaces Extensions CDI, aka ‘CODI,’ is out now. CODI provides portable CDI extensions for Java SE and EE. This release introduces a client side windowhandler and a trinidad support module. It also allows the cleanup strategy of empty window contexts to be customised. Not familiar with CODI? Be sure to check out our interview with project lead Gerhard Petracek, to find out more!

New Release for Apache Empire-db

Apache Empire-db version 2.0.7-incubating has been released. Apache Empire-db is a data access and persistence component for relational databases, based on JDBC. With this release, users can now set a limit for the maximum number of rows returned. Empire-Struts-Extensions has been updated to Struts version 2.2.1 and now provides Portlet Support.

First RC for Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.1

Six weeks after the publication of 2.1.0, a first RC for Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.1 has been announced. The Groovy editor now features quickfixes, and statically imported fields and methods are now available from content assist and in the inferencing engine. Semantic highlighting highlights static, field and deprecated references, and the New Groovy Class wizard has an option to create a Groovy script.

Spock 0.5 Supports Groovy 1.8

Spock version 0.5 has been released. Hamcrest matchers are now deeply integrated with Spock’s condition mechanism, and recently failed spec classes/methods will be run first, if enabled. There are also some new, built-in extensions and Groovy 1.8 is supported.

Who To Watch Our For in 2011

Rob Diana has published his predictions for 2011, in his ‘9 Programming Languages To Watch in 2011‘ analysis.

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