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Groovy and Grails updates out of SpringOne2GX conference

Natali Vlatko
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After hosting sessions during their successful tracks at SpringOne2GX, Guillaume Laforge and Graeme Rocher of Groovy and Grails delivered the upcoming strategies of the language and framework partnership that continues to ride the funding rollercoaster.

The SpringOne2GX Conference recently took place in Washington, DC and featured Groovy and Grails updates from lead developers Guillaume Laforge and Graeme Rocher. The dedicated tracks at the conference looked at the Grails 3.x update plan, Groovy and REST and the strategy for Groovy 2.4.x and 2.5.

Rocher covered upcoming new features in Grails 3 including the new plugin model, Gradle build and profiles support. As Charles Humble from InfoQ reports, Grails 3.1 GA is expected this year, which will come with improvements to the Web API profile and REST applications.

Support-wise, single page application frameworks like Ember.js are being considered; Angular support has also been lined up. During his special topics track looking at the internals of Grails 3.x, Rocher discussed key concepts such as Traits and Abstract Syntax Trees (AST).

On the Groovy side

Speaking of ASTs, Groovy’s improved compiler performance was unveiled with a new AST class reader rather than their previous use of class loading tricks. Humble reports that the contribution to compiler performance came from Peter Gromov, who’s part of the developer team working on IntelliJ IDEA:

JetBrains wanted fast compile time of Groovy code within their IDE, and they looked at ways to improve the compilation process of the Groovy compiler, since that’s what they’re using too for compiling. This is the pull request for it.

Some Groovy language changes announced at the conference include the addition of @MapConstructor to execute AST transformations for adding the necessary constructor method to your class.

Laforge, off the back of his appointment at Restlet, also held a session covering how Groovy and REST services interact.

Cédric Champeau has initiated a vote thread on the Groovy mailing list to get Groovy 2.4.5-incubating released. Champeau notes that 2.4.5-incubating fixes “documentation issues, a potential memory leak when loading the Groovy runtime from different classloaders, some JSON fixes, improvements and numerous small bug fixes”.

The changelog is available via the Apache Foundation here.

Natali Vlatko
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