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Gridgain 4.0 is released

Chris Mayer

The real-time Big Data platform gets a major release, just as enterprises really get their interest piqued by the field.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last six months, then it can’t have escaped you that Big Data has truly captured the imagination of the enterprise world. However, some less tech-savvy corporations simply cannot begin to imagine to how analyse the reams of data they are collecting and processing. Especially in real time. 

Step up, the latest version of real-time Big Data platform, GridGain4.0. Five months on from setting the date, the GridGain team haven’t hit a delay – a fact that founder and CEO Nikita Ivanov is incredibly proud of. Big Data is still in that sort of untapped oil reserve stage – everyone knows it is there and rushing to get a hold of it, but there’s plenty of stumbling blocks to fully utilise the best product possible.

Ivanov states how complex it is to develop software like this, saying that there are ‘dozens of production clients, testing on serious massively distributed environments, set of new features, and the usual array of setbacks’ that all have to be navigated to make it to the dance. 

GridGain 4.0 adds in a swathe of new features to really harness the power of Big Data analytics, right there and then. Both Enterprise and OEM editions come with GridGain Visor, a GUI for managing and monitoring GridGain distributed installations. Think of it as the face for the mainframe which allows users to perform various installations and GridGain Visor has been given a whole arsenal of new capabilities such as several new various node actions, a topology view for metrics (for any projection), comprehensive historical charts and advanced grid-wide events.

GridGain are also aiming for ubiquity with the introduction of new languages aside from Java and Android clients available with this release. Ivanov says that ’native .NET, C++, Groovy, and Scala clients are already in testing stage and will be coming out shortly’ followed by ‘Objective-C, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Node.js native clients.’ 

The really cool part is that all these clients are ‘affinity aware’ so Gridgain automatically figures out what data is on which node and can call it up in no time at all. Add in enhanced REST support, advanced security and improved concurrent data loading and you’ve got a pretty substantial release.

To find out more about the new appearances in GridGain, check out Nikita Ivanov’s blogpost for more information. The charge towards creating a fully fleshed out Big Data manager is certainly in motion and GridGain are leading it with this mightily impressive upgrade.

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