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Flex your Eclipse development skills: Great Fixes for Mars

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Think you’re a whiz when it comes to Java? Love using Eclipse? The Eclipse Foundation have recently announced a skills competition that is sure to produce some epic bug fixes.

The Eclipse Foundation has launched the “Great Fixes for Mars” competition, aimed at producing significant advancements in the Java development experience using the IDE. Important bug fixes for the next release of Eclipse 4.5 (“Mars”) will be rewarded with prizes, with the competition announced on Wayne Beaton’s blog last week.

A Great Fix

Eclipse are looking for bug fixes and patches that contributors take ownership of and tag in order to be eligible for qualification. The Foundation will be particularly pleased to accept solutions that seek to improve performance and stability. Support for other Eclipse projects is welcome, but you must be a non-committer, with your fix accepted and merged into the corresponding source code repository.

The competition extends over three rounds:

  • March 10/2015: the three top-prize winners will be announced on March 12 at EclipseCon
  • April 1/2015: the three top-prize winners will be announced on April 3/2015 M6
  • May 6/2015: the four top-prize winners will be announced on May 8/2015 M7

In order to participate, you first need to select a bug, of which a large number have been provided by the UI team as an example. After assigning the bug to yourself, the idea is to follow the contributor rules and get cracking on developing a fix. You also need to add the “greatfix” keyword to the bug and add a comment with the date you intend to submit the patch.

For submission into the development environment, Eclipse recommend that the Oomph Eclipse installer be used. Once you’ve made a contribution (more than one is allowed), the project team will determine if it qualifies as a ‘Great Fix’, to be judged under three specific criteria – winners will receive an Android tablet provided by Google with other qualifying fixes earning a rad Eclipse t-shirt.

Full competition details can be found at the Eclipse Foundation website here.

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