Gradle and JFrog Announce Collaboration


The enterprise-grade build system Gradle and JFrog have announced they are to collaborate on a series of technical solutions. JFrog are best known for their binaries repository manager, Artifactory, which offers built-in support for Gradle, Maven and Ivy artifacts, in addition to a general-purpose binaries management platform.

In a press release, Gradle reveal that they initially plan to work together on a Gradle plugin for Artifactory. This plugin will connect to Artifactory servers for artifacts resolution and deployment.

They will also work on an Artifactory plugin for Hudson, which will provide a way to upload artifacts produced by a Gradle build to an Artifactory repository. JFrog will support the Gradle open source project with Artifactory Online infrastructures, which will be used internally and as a location for distributing Gradle plugins.

“Gradle is one of the most promising build systems, we believe that this cooperation will provide our users with an innovative and powerful solution for their build environment” said Yoav Landman, CTO at JFrog.

JFrog recently released Artifactory 2.2.1


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