And yes, it features Java 11 runtime support!

Gradle 5.0 rc 1 is here: Get a sneak peek at what’s coming in 5.0

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We have some pretty big news coming our way! The first release candidate for Gradle 5.0 is live and we take a look at the most promising new features and changes. Make sure you pay attention to this one since it marks the last phase before general availability hits, so we pretty much have the final deal!

We have some exciting news for you! The first release candidate for Gradle 5.0 is here and it’s stuffed with *tons* of new features, changes, and improvements!

And you should pay attention to this one since it marks the last phase before general availability. Sure, some of the features are still subject to change but what we have overall is pretty much going to be the final deal!

Since the list of updates and new features is truly endless, we will only concentrate on the highlights of this release candidate. You can find the extensive list here.

Kotlin DSL 1.0 – Gradle Kotlin DSL is now production-ready with its 1.0 release! Authoring your build logic using Kotlin provides significant additional editing assistance in IDEs, including improved completion, error highlighting, and refactoring tools.

Dependency version alignment – This allows different modules belonging to the same logical group (platform) to have identical versions in a dependency graph.

Gradle build initialization features – gradle init functionality has been upgraded in this release: is now optionally interactive, includes new kotlin-library and kotlin-application project types, provides options for configuring project and package names, and more.

Searchable documentation – Search for Gradle Docs is back allowing you to search the user manual and DSL reference.

Task timeouts – You can now specify a timeout duration for a task, after which it will be interrupted.

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Java 11 runtime support – Java enthusiasts will be happy to read that this release supports running Gradle builds with JDK 11.

Plugin authoring features – Introduces useful changes for plugin and custom task authors, including an API for creating SourceDirectorySets, improvements to the Provider API, and improved build cache compatibility.

This release candidate brings also an enormous list of fixed issues. 158, to be exact! You can check them out here.

There are, however, a few deprecations you should keep an eye on as well.

  • StartParameter properties
  • Removing tasks from TaskContainer
  • Replacing tasks
  • Removing dependencies from a task
  • Changes to incubating factory methods for creating properties
  • The property append on JacocoTaskExtension has been deprecated
  • The property effectiveAnnotationProcessorPath on AbstractScalaCompile and JavaCompile has been deprecated
  • Deprecated announce plugins
  • Deprecated OSGi plugin
  • Deprecated code quality plugins
  • Resolving configurations in other projects
  • Resolving configurations from user-managed threads

Check out the details for these deprecations here.

Getting started

You can switch your build to use Gradle 5.0-rc-1 by updating your wrapper properties:

./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=5.0-rc-1

Standalone downloads are available here.

And don’t forget to file those bugs on GitHub Issues.


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