'We think that Gosu fills a vacuum'

Gosu Programming Language Announced

Jessica Thornsby

As another new programming language is announced, its creators argue just why we need Gosu in our lives.

Gosu has just been announced as a new object oriented, statically typed programming language for the Java Virtual Machine, licensed under the Apache License v2.0. Inevitably, the Gosu team have met with the reaction of ‘why do we need another programming language?’ and Alan Keefer has now set out to answer this in a ‘Why Gosu?’ post. Firstly, the team created Gosu because they required a language with a certain set of characteristics to be used in configuring their applications, and at the beginning of their journey with Gosu there wasn’t a programming language that offered all these capabilities. “We ended up creating it almost accidentally out of necessity,” he writes. As they continued to work with Gosu, the team at Guidewire began to think there might be a space in the programming language market for it, which he describes as a “language that’s statically typed, dynamically compilable, with some metaprogramming capabilities, syntactic sugar in the most needed places, and with language features like closures, type inference, and enhancements that address some of the most glaring deficiencies and pain points in Java.” They targeted Java, because Java is a commonly-learnt language in schools and is generally the “lowest common denominator language for a lot of people.”

“We think that Gosu fills a vacuum for a statically-typed JVM language that has a familiar syntax, doesn’t add too much complexity to Java, and which improves on Java in the most critical ways,” is his conclusion. Gosu can be downloaded now.

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