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Google’s Kubernetes to integrate with OpenStack backed by Mirantis

Natali Vlatko
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Mirantis and Google have announced a collaboration to develop a Kubernetes integration with OpenStack, ensuring that Docker and OpenStack will be able to play nice.

Google and Mirantis have joined forces to develop an integration that combines Kubernetes, the Google-initiated Docker orchestration project, with OpenStack. Mirantis is known as one of the biggest players in the OpenStack environment, making this a significant partnership.

Cluster management made easier

Announced yesterday, the joint project will utilise OpenStack’s Murano app to allow users to easily self-provision applications. Murano provides a Kubernetes package, which in turn supplies an abstraction layer for Kubernetes and Pods. Nick Chase from Mirantis explains that developers can then package their applications for use as they normally would, “easily adding them to the Kubernetes cluster”.

With the Murano application, developers will be able to deploy Docker containers into Kubernetes clusters and move workloads between OpenStack private clouds and public clouds such as Google Cloud Platform. This function will work as long as all clouds are running Kubernetes.

Chase goes on to explain that Murano manages and orchestrates the underlying infrastructure that coordinates connectivity between the Pods, which consists of OpenStack resources:

It configures the virtual network for Kubernetes and the Pods, and uses OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) to provision the resources Kubernetes needs, such as virtual machines and interface connections, network and subnet configs, security groups, router configurations, and storage.

It’s hoped that the work Mirantis and Google have done will help customers deploy Kubernetes on any OpenStack distribution. There is still the issue of privacy however, with more punters concerned by the security of public clouds and perhaps viewing them with suspicion. The OpenStack cloud framework can provide private clouds to alleviate these concerns.

Google’s open source Kubernetes project seems to be gaining approval across the board, with this project highlighting the growth of the OpenStack ecosystem. Last year, Microsoft integrated its own Azure cloud infrastructure platform into Kubernetes, while VMware also partnered up with Google and Docker to allow container management using VMware software.

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