Staggered start for the high profile lawsuit

Google Vs Oracle – Trial delayed


Things aren’t getting off to a good start for either side in what has the potential to be THE patent trial of the year.

In what has the potential to be the showdown of the year, the Oracle Vs Google debacle has got of to a troubled start, even before the trial actually starts. First of all the date of the trial is reportedly being set back after the judge set to chair it - District Judge William Alsup – has put the date back due to other commitments dragging on.

The judges unrelenting schedule is said to potentially remain full right through to January or February next year, and is therefore considering handing the high profile case over to another North Carolina judge. Alsup also conceded that he had not been this busy in his 37 year career, and that this case needs someone who can give it the undivided attention it deserves.

That’s the bad news for Oracle, but Google has also got off to a bad start with their attempts to have an incriminating e-mail deemed inadmissible for evidence crushed. Prior to Oracle taking Google to court, an engineer for the search giant is reported to have drafted an e-mail stating that Google needs to get a license from Java, it then goes on to say how they looked for an alternative to Java but all the alternatives “suck”. Google have tried hard to claim that it was protected by client-attorney privilege, a claim that Alsup has over turned.

“Google has failed to identify any aspect of the challenged order that was clearly erroneous or contrary to law,” Alsup states in the Reuters report. Google as yet haven’t commented.


Via Reuters

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