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Google Update Their Gadgets and Release Second Milestone of GWT 2.1

Jessica Thornsby

Confluence 3.3 extends the autocomplete feature to macros, and Bioclipse 2.4.0 RC3 is released.

Confluence 3.3 Released with New Link and Image Property Panels

Confluence version 3.3 is out now.

This version extends the autocomplete feature for links and attachments, to macros. The link browser features a new link Properties panel for previewing, editing and removing links from the editor, and a Properties panel for images. Confluence 3.3 also features a page gadget for embedding wiki content inside JIRA dashboards.

Updates For Google Web Toolkit Gadgets

GWT-gadgets-1.2.0 is out now.

Gadgets allow developers to create embeddable gadgets. Websites that support gadgets include Orkut, LinkedIn, Google Wave and Myspace. This new release of GWT-gadgets adds support for OS Lite API (1.0) core and gadget Locale settings. It also comes with a new sample application that demonstrates the use of Open Social, OAuth, App Engine and the Maps API together in a gadget. It can be downloaded now from Google Code.

Google Continue to Evolve Google and VMware Integration

A second milestone of GWT 2.1 is out now.

This milestone updates the generated pom.xml of the GWT app to point to GWT M2’s Maven repo, and drops bikeshed from the GWT distribution and the use of TOKEN from RequestFactory. At the release announcement, Google refer to this update as “continuing to evolve the integration between Google and VMware that was announced at this year’s Google I/O.”

New Release Candidate for Bioclipse 2.4.0

Bioclipse 2.4.0 RC 3 is out now.

This Release Candidate of the open source workbench can be downloaded from the Bioclipse development releases webpage.

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