Google's Latest Project

Google Test Drive Automatic Cars

Jessica Thornsby

Google reveal their new self-drive cars have been around Lake Tahoe.

Google have announced their latest project: cars that drive themselves.

According to the announcement, Google have been performing tests with their ‘automated cars’ which included a trip from Google’s Mountain View campus to their Santa Monica office, and then onto Hollywood Boulevard. Other test-runs included a drive down Lombard Street, the Golden Gate bridge, the Pacific Coast Highway, and a cruise around Lake Tahoe. Google report over 140,000 miles have been covered in their self-driving cars.

“We think this is a first in robotics research,” Google state.

It may all sound a bit sci-fi, but there’s a serious purpose driving the project. Google claim they are aiming to prevent traffic accidents, give the driver more free time, and reduce carbon emissions by changing the way we use our cars.

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