Google Post Accepted Proposals

Google Summer of Code 2011 Projects Announced

Jessica Thornsby

Google have posted accepted proposals connected to Eclipse, Apache, Drupal and more.

The accepted student proposals for Google Summer of Code 2011 have been announced, including 17 from the Eclipse Foundation. These Eclipse proposals include ‘EPreferences for Eclipse e4,’ ‘EMF Protocol Buffer,’ ‘EGit Synchronize View Support’ and ‘ECF: Salvo, the Eclipse NNTP/Newsreader Project.’

Google Summer of Code offers student developers stipends to write code for open source projects, and pairs them with a mentor from the participating open source projects. The accepted proposals are currently in a ‘Community Bonding Period’ where the mentors and students get to know one another, and the students read the relevant documentation and information ready for May 23rd, when the coding is scheduled to begin.

Other accepted proposals include ‘Seam Forge Plugin for MyFaces CODI,’ ‘An Apache Thrift Implementation for D’ and a project that will develop a WebSocket binding for Apache Tuscany. There are also accepted proposals connected to the Drupal project, Linux Foundation and GNOME project.


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