Source code for GPE tools, including GWT designer becomes available

Google Plugin for Eclipse now open source

Chris Mayer

Large Eclipse ecosystem mainly reason for community drive

In a monumental announcement, the Google team behind the Eclipse plugin have confirmed that the entire GPE (including the popular GWT Designer) has been made open source under the Eclipse Public License v1.0, meaning that Eclipse fanatics can design, build, optimise and deploy Google-based cloud applications.

The team cited the ‘large ecosystem around GWT, Speed Tracer, App Engine and Google Cloud services’ as one of the main reason behind the move. Eric Clayberg said:

Our primary mission is to help users (as opposed to creating proprietary development tools), it makes a lot of sense for us to open source GPE and make it easier for the community to enhance and extend the tools

The open gesture by Google is certainly a welcoming one, allowing developers to certainly shape the tools behind GPE and kudos to Google for finally acknowledging the worth of the Eclipse community. Through collaboration, bugs will exterminated quickly and quality should improve overall.

JBoss, who already have GWT integration, provided their initally positive thoughts on the move, as JBoss developer Max Rydahl Anderson blogged –

We have many developers using Google’s Eclipse plugin to develop GWT-based applications targeting the JBoss Application Server. With the open sourcing of the plugin we are looking forward to working even more closely with the Google team and the rest of the community on making the developer experience even more productive and an integrated part of Eclipse platform. 

We are especially interested in seeing the Google Eclipse plugins being able to target multiple runtimes such as the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Google App Engine in a uniform way, working more seamlessly with standards-based tools and frameworks.

The move should also help those using Tomcat, Glassfish and JBoss AS who all include Eclipse compatibility within their servers. By finally breaking wall down between Eclipse and Google, the benefits should automatically be reaped.

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